1 December 2013

Higher than 31,000 feet!

On a Delta flight to Boston. At 31,000 feet.
Spirits are lifted even higher by Abida Parvin’s rendition of:

“Tu ne deewana banayaa to mein deewana bana
Ab mujhey hosh ki duniya mein tamasha na bana”

You made me a lover,
thus I am a lover today
Now please don’t make me a laughing stock
In this reality-conscious outside world

“Nigah-e-Naaz se poochhenge kisi din ye zaheen
Tu ne kya kya na banayaa!! Koi kya kya na bana”!!

5 November 2013


One more unique experience…

Almost reached the starting point on the runway when the pilot just came on to the PA and declared “Our right engine seems to be getting hot. You will soon see us surrounded by fire trucks. They are here to inspect the engine. Nothing to worry about”!!!

Okay then!

30 September 2013

The energy of it all…

This evening I was sitting at Tyson’s Corner in the patio of a well renowned bar trying to hammer out a deal with a strategic partner. All the tables outside were filled with a lot of people with laptops opened up.
Occasionally, each table would erupt with boisterous yelling and high-fiving. For whatever reason, the women were yelling the most.
You have to be in the DC area on a Sep 30th to understand this all. Today is government financial year ending. All contracting has to be done today or else there is no guarantee for project money for next year. Everytime a table was hearing about a win, they would just burst out in joy.
It is like report card day for all government sales teams!
People who know me probably know that my the arc of my career has taken me from coding software to running services organization to leading marketing to leading sales to eventually being a general manager. Of all those, sales – is still to me – the job I respect the most. And the profession where the difference between the best and the not-so-good is so wide.
That is the job that has the clearest metric – you either got the dollars or you did not – and the least control of the variables – you are too dependent on external factors.
That is why winning a deal unleashes such a primal energy.
Sure, it comes with the cold slap across the face when you lose one. But over a larger horizon, if you are a good sales guy, you win out….
Love the energy. Respect the profession!!

13 September 2013

Sleepless in Raleigh

Woke up at 4 am to catch a 6 am flight from Raleigh to Atlanta. Made it comfortably to the airport. Breezed thru TSA Pre. Sat in the plane. Got my coffee. All the passengers were boarded. And suddenly I got a notification from Delta on my iPhone that the flight has been delayed by 30 minutes.
The pilot came on to the PA and greeted us. I am like – does he even know that we are delayed? (I assumed ground control crew or weather issue).
Then he came on again and explained that a piece of equipment is not working. It is a third level backup though. But without it he is not allowed to fly in the dark or thru clouds!!!
So the mechanics are coming to see how quickly it can be fixed.
Except the mechanics are coming from Atlanta!!!!
And he canceled the flight!!!
As I was disembarking, Delta sent me another helpful message – the flight has been delayed by another 15 minutes!! Go figure.
Too sleepy to drive back to Atlanta, decided to take the next flight couple of hours later. Waiting in Skyclub now, tired and sleepy wondering what the the next adventure in the upcoming flight will be.

11 July 2013

“But I have promises to keep…

…and miles to go before I sleep” ( Frost)

Last year Madhumolli (my friend from school days – one of the few that just could not stand me – but that is a story for another day 🙂 ) excitedly told me that her daughter (a year younger than Natasha) had started running. Even more excitedly, I called her daughter up and before thinking much, promised to run with her within one year.
Managed to grab a train after meetings in London today, haul it to Slough, put in a 3K run with her and turned around immediately to haul back to London. We even managed to get her dad to run with us half the distance!!!
Awesome feeling to keep a promise!! Even more awesome feeling was to keep up with somebody one third my age on the running track.


16 June 2013

Where’s Perry?

During this morning’s walk with Sharmila in downtown Durham (it is very very cute) I finally found the answer to the all important question that has been vexing all Phineas and Ferb fans (not to speak of all platypuses or is that platypi? ) : Where’s Perryyyyy? Where’s Perryyyyyyy? 🙂
Evidently it is 321 E. Chapel Hill 🙂