10 January 2023

One of the best gifts ever!

I had just finished wrapping up the Board meeting when Matt Moore asked me “Can you swing by my office for a second?” I figured there was a quick piece of business to attend to.

Instead, he gifted me with this longboard! One of the best gifts I have ever received. He is a long boarder himself. And certainly one of the most empathetic, thoughtful person. He had seen form my posts that I was trying to gain skills in skateboarding. We had talked about long boarding during many of my prior trips to SFO.

Today, I am a proud owner of one.

Matt was kind enough to suggest that he ship it out to me instead of lugging it thru the airport.

I can’t wait for it now to arrive in Atlanta and commence learning more skills!!

Posted January 10, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Skateboard

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