2 June 2024

I had not done a 5K race in a loooong time

As if I got so scared at the prospect of replacing my running miles with biking miles, I went ahead and ran a 5K race this morning. The last time I ran in a race was Sep 2017 !! My normal pace these days is 11:30min/mile. Usually the adrenaline rush of the event, the music, the police escorts, so many runners and so on speeds me up by a minute per mile. I was therefore expecting to post a 10:30 pace.

Surprised myself with a 9:26 min/mile pace. I did not think my body is capable of posting those paces anymore. I am sure it will make the real damage known to me when I wake up tomorrow!!

This will bring some concern from John McGehee – my peak heart rate was 179! (that is nearly 110% of my HR Max at an age of 57!)

Posted June 2, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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