15 May 2024

Right there is one of the most favorite spots for the Roy family

That beach you can see thru the clouds is Estoril. About 30 minutes train ride from Lisbon (Cais Do Sodre). The walks on the boardwalk from the terminus station Cascais (a bit dark because of the shadow of the cloud) to Estoril with the family are absolutely some of the most cherished memories I have of Portugal. The colorful houses and the cobblestone lanes in Cascais are a sight to behold. Also, the boardwalk has a lot of restaurants and wine shops to sit down and enjoy the views on the way.

The first time I had come to this place was over two decades back. I was exploring Portugal by myself that time. There was a new mall that had come up outside CasCais train station. I had gone in to check out the food court there and the first place I ran into was an Indian restaurant!! Wonder if it is still there!

Posted May 15, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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