24 March 2024

Life works in mysterious ways

Went for a 10K run. As I have mentioned before, at the age of 58, those 10K runs are not getting any easier. I can slow down to give the heart and lungs a fighting chance but the pains in both the leg muscles tug at the commitment level.

The first 5K was fine. Between the sixth and seventh K, I was running out of will power. I had stopped a couple of times to stretch the legs. That seemed to help, albeit temporarily. I realized that I was overdressed, exhausted and was on the verge of giving up and simply enjoying a walk back.

Exactly at that time, another guy – bearded and probably my age – came around the corner with water bag over his shoulders. Obviously, a long distance runner. And he had a dog running with him!!

As he went past me, he loudly yelled at me… “Looking good! Looking good! Keep it up!”. I looked back at him and raised my hand to wave at him.

The effect of those words was electrifying. Not sure why – just those words gave me a second wind. Not saying I ran like a gazelle after that – but boy, did I finish another 3K+ with single minded determination!!

Sitting down after the run, completely drained out, I started wondering… where did that guy come from? And why precisely at the moment when I was going to give up? Why did he have to say those words?

Life works in mysterious ways. I also took a self note to encourage other runners as we pass. I think I have been so self absorbed in my pain, I forget to cheer up other runners.

Plus I am going to go back to that segment of the trail next few days to see if I can locate that runner again.

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