3 March 2024

The mannequins in San Juan

They all look the same – like this! Remember how my friend William had told me how the design of the clothes will tell you where the wearer is from? Well, this is the particular design for men and women in San Juan. The colors might differ. For example, look at the design around the neck for the woman. And the 24 boxes with X below that. This means she is from San Juan. Look at the guy’s shirt and go back to the picture of the huge awning in the street a few posts back. Exactly the same.

In fact, there is a way these things are worn that can tell you whether the woman is married or not. I was so fascinated counting the lines that I did not listen to the explanation William gave. The reason I was counting the lines is that all that design is derived from Mayan calendar. I think they have 19 months – 18 times 20 plus 5 days. Somehow that is where the 24 boxes come. I will have to figure out. And right around the collar you can count 7 days in each design. I think there are 365 of them in all.

Love the history and culture of the Mayans.

Posted March 3, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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