3 March 2024

A little learning is a dangerous thing

Most of the times I can get by with my broken Spanish. At the height of my career, I argued with the cab driver in Mira Flores in Peru negotiating the price for a cab ride. And won!

Well, from those days, I certainly have fallen a rung or two.

The menu boasted of a sea bass with a helping of vegetables or mashed potatoes.

I asked the lady in my Spanish that I want both vegetables AND mashed potatoes. And that I wanted big helpings of those. The sea bass part was okay – grilled would be good.

The good news is that I got both the vegetables and mashed potatoes. They were not big helpings. What was instead was the fish.

Forget a piece of sea bass. I got a whole red snapper!!

Me and my Spanish!!

Posted March 3, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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