2 March 2024

Tried out Indian food in Antigua too!

Walked up to Indian Accents to try out some local Indian food. I had a great time – not only with the baingan bhartha I had but also getting to know the chef and owner. Sumit Kumar used to work in Taj Palace in Delhi many many years back. Turns out the couple of times I had stayed there – he was there too. He then moved to Frankfurt as a chef of a restaurant and eventually came to Guatemala. Met his wife Maria Leonardo here and started the restaurant Indian Accents in Antigua!

He is clearly very passionate about his work. I was the last customer left. He took me inside the kitchen to show how he hand built the tandoor himself!!

If any of you ever come to Antigua, do try out Indian Accents here. Great food! Great owners!!

Posted March 2, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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