2 March 2024

This changes my mind

I have never been a big rum drinker. Maybe the occasional mojito or so but never took to it. I had a big surprise today.

Visited the Case del Ron (House of Ron – for Ron Zacapa Rum) in Antigua to try out their aged rums. Some of the rums have been aged for 23+ years! Their claim to fame is that the ageing is done at altitudes higher than anybody else (mile and a half above sea level) – I am not sure how much effect that has.

But sipping 23+ years aged rum was very different than having your standard rums (like Bacardi that I use to make cocktails). It has a much better and longer nose (oaky) to it and bit more sweeter.

Got myself a bottle to have it neat at home. We might have a convert at hand.

Posted March 2, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails", "Vacations

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