29 February 2024

Unusual day for me

I had a morning flight. Left home a bit early to avoid downtown traffic. I was a bit sleepy and lethargic as I hit the road.

Once I got on the highway, I commenced to do what I normally do to utilize my commuting hours: call up people to wish them happy birthday. Mornings are usually calls to Australia/India/Singapore – that side of the world. Lunches are for Europe and evening drive back home is for America.

I prepared myself for a few calls. As I mentioned, I was a bit sleepy and had not had my morning coffee yet. Part of me was wondering how many birthdays I had (I think my peak days are about 20) and could it be that I can push out the birthday calls till I reached the airport to just quietly drive there?

Opened my calendar. Braced myself.

Lo and behold! No phone calls needed!!

I forgot today is a Leap Day!!

I do have two friends who were born on this day – one from Dallas celebrates on the previous day (and I had a nice long chat with him yesterday) and another in my hometown in India who celebrates the following day.

Somehow, felt I was off to a good start to the day!!

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