29 February 2024

This is unreal!

Ever since I gifted the coffee maker to Sharmila (admittedly, she has not used it even once other than demand that her Americano be ready by the time she walks down to the main floor every morning), I have been fascinated by learning the art of making cappuccino. That foam making and making art forms with it has been a steep learning curve.

As an aside, why do we call it a steep learning curve? A steep curve means I would learn very quickly, right? It is a slow and long learning curve for me.

The inevitable result is that whenever I order a cappuccino in a coffee shop, I watch the barista make it and ask him/her a lot of questions about their style.

Nobody, but nobody – has beaten this one. I was working from Roam Lenox when one of the staff members – Stacy – made a cup of cappuccino for me. Like every Roam member, Stacy is incredibly friendly. But her talent in making foam art form? I will let you be the judge!!

Someday, when I grow up, I want to be like her!

Posted February 29, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Coffee

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