29 February 2024

That was reassuring

Always good to realize that you can rely on some things without fail in most developing countries. That vehicle you see was standing at a traffic light. The signal turned green. Everybody started moving. Excepting this vehicle. His engine stalled.

There was a brief few seconds of honking and then everybody went around him. The driver simply stuck his head out and yelled something in Spanish. From nowhere a few good Samaritans showed up and started pushing the vehicle. Into the parking lot.

I watched while sipping my coffee from the other side of the road. (there is not point being a good Samaritan while enjoying some Guatemalan coffee, I argued with myself; plus that security guy with a double barrel gun was still hanging around 🙂 ).

Getting it out of the road was not enough. The driver yelled something else. Everybody moved to the front and started pushing it back cleanly into a parking spot. One of those guys did not even bother taking his heavy backpack off his back.

The good deed done, they nonchalantly vanished into the crowd like they were born to do this every single day.

The driver, meanwhile seemed to be surprisingly unperturbed by his situation. I now suspect he might have been simply trying to save gas!

Posted February 29, 2024 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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