29 February 2024

Some initial observations

Immigration in Guatemala city was remarkably fast. Unlike other Central American countries, I was in and out under one minute. There was no paperwork involved at all.

My flight was 30 minutes early. Consequently, my ride had not showed up. I just hung around outside the airport observing the people. The Mayan look on every face and physical structure was difficult to not notice. The coolest part was the the dress the womenfolk were wearing – very bright and flowery.

Somewhat apprehensive of the security situation here, I had arranged for a private car instead of taking taxis. Sure enough, I was being mobbed by a bunch of taxi drivers trying to help me. When my car finally showed up, imagine my surprise when a lady driver stepped out! I do not think I have seen that in any other developing country. Even in India.

Once on the road, you could see two wheelers all over. Funny thing is every rider had a helmet on (that is the law) but no pillion rider was wearing one (not required by law)! I just do not understand laws.

The volcanoes in the background were impressive in size – and I mean really impressive in size!!

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