29 October 2023

You do not need to know cricket to answer this quiz

Most of my friends in the USA may not be aware that World Cup Cricket is going on. There are 10 countries participating. (unlike our World Series Baseball where we just invite Canada in).

Each team will play the other 9 teams resulting in 45 games and then the top 4 go to semifinals and then of course, the final.

I was looking at where different countries stand today. This is how the chart looks. Country name, points and the result of the last five games, starting with the most recent.

Study that table carefully.

In any column, you would expect 5 wins and 5 losses, right? 10 teams playing each other – 5 winners, 5 losers. That is how you would expect every column to be. And that is how the third and fifth column indeed are. But the first, second and fourth column have 6 wins or losses and 4 wins or losses.

How is that possible?

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  1. By Rajib Roy (Post author) on

    As many have pointed out – Vijay Ramchandran, Madhu M. Reddy, Tirtha Tanay Mandal, Raghu Raghuraman, Somnath Daripa, each column does not represent the exact same number of matches for every team.


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