21 October 2023

This never ceases to amaze me

The Bengali fear of catching a cold!!! Today, my nephew and I were walking outside around 10 PM. It was 77deg F (25 C) I was working up a sweat but he was ordered to put a hat on! And unlike me, he has a head full of hair!

I also remember my dad wearing his monkey cap at the mere prospect of the sun going down!

This picture reminded me of the good old “Thanda legey jaabey”. This was around 7:45PM and it was 81 deg F (27 C). Loved the whole head gear and muffler thing under the helmet and whatever it was that the pillion rider lady was wearing. Interestingly, he is wearing short sleeves!

There are a few salient attributes that absolutely set us apart as Bengalis. Without a shred of doubt, fear of catching a cold would crack the Top Three!!

Posted October 21, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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