20 October 2023


So, the surprise destination for me turned out to be India!! As I had mentioned, Sharmila came to India after 31 years to see Durga Puja with her mom.

Totally, unbeknownst to her, I had made plans to show up two days later for my Durga Puja after 31 years too!

Thank you Heida and SK for helping me plan it and Julia and Bess at office who pushed me to go ahead and pull the trigger (I was dithering till about a few days before Sharmila left).

My brother – the only person in India who knew – picked me up at the airport and after parking the car in front of Sharmila’s mom’s house, went inside – ready to take pictures.

And half a minute later, I walked in.

Check out the first reaction on her face realizing who was walking in!!


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