14 October 2023

Another intersection point!!

So, there I was … in Virgin Atlantic Lounge after a fairly hectic 36 hours, all ready to jump the pond back when I got a message from Delta that the flight is boarding. That could not be true. The flight was two hours later. While on a call with somebody in India, I started walking to the entrance of the lounge where the display for flight information was.

Turns out Delta meant to say that a gate as been assigned. The flight would not be ready to board for quite some time.

But for that mistake from Delta, I would not have walked to the display boards and would not have heard somebody calling my name out! Turned around and there was Utsav!! We had started working together when I moved to Atlanta in 2007.

Coming to think of it, that erroneous message and the fact that his flight to JFK was delayed for three hours is what made both of us get to the display boards to check status.

He was on his way back from India. I was heading home from London. He was going to JFK and I was going to Atlanta. A message in error. A delayed flight.

Equals two old friends get to meet!!

Serendipity is such a beautiful thing!

Posted October 14, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points

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