8 October 2023

From the bartender’s corner – Salvadorean Monk

This is a variation of the Amatitan Monk.

You may remember how my friend – Mauricio Flores – from El Salvador who lives in Portugal had his brother get me a bottle of the local alcohol – Chaparro Flor de Fuego – when I visited San Salvador.

It was Mauricio’s birthday last week. To celebrate our friendship, I opened the bottle and made the “Salvadorean Monk”. This is Chaparro Flor de Fuego, Elderflower liqueur (used St. Germaine), Benedictine and lime and lemon juice.

Turned out to be very tasty.

The alcohol itself was closer to mezcal than tequila. Milder to the nose though.

Posted October 8, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails

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