18 August 2023

I was not done with my intersection points yet

For my first office trip after quite some time, covering two cities in two days, you would think I have had enough intersection points already. Except that there was one more left.

A few months ago, Tej had let me know that he would be coming from Dubai to Boston to drop his son in Boston College. I was not expecting to travel there (I had not yet contemplated on getting back to work). But I made a note on my calendar that he would be in the USA – Boston, to be precise.

As a background, Tej and I lived next door to each other in our dorm during our MBA days – 1989 thru 1991. He was Room 1307 and I was 1308. All our contacts subsequently were thru phone calls – usually in January, on his birthday.

After making my travel arrangements last week, while putting my flight details down in my calendar, I came across my notes. I was so glad that I had jotted it down. A few Whatsapp messages later, I realized that he was actually flying in on Friday late night. I was leaving town early morning the next day. No worries, I told him. I would wait for him in his hotel lobby and we could meet for 15-20 minutes since he was bound to be very tired.

Sure enough, at around 9PM, good old Tej walked up to the check in counter with his suitcase!!

As promised, we spent about half an hour together and resolved to spend more time the next time!!

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