29 June 2023

Phew! That was a relief!!

Landed in JFK and after a few formalities, found myself in the domestic side of the terminal (Terminal B). I was to leave from B47. There were signs saying I need to take a bus from B23. Which I did. While getting down from the bus, I asked the lady – why did we take the bus? Is this a different terminal? Construction going on? She just said it is the same terminal. But I did see some signs of construction.

After getting to B47, I started walking back to see where I will have to turn back. Expecting to see an obstruction due to construction. Guess what? I came back to my original point where I took the bus!! Go figure!!

But something more interesting happened during my walk. I saw the sign on the top of the picture at one of the gates. I was feeling bad for the tourists to Rome. It is never fun to start a much awaited vacation with a canceled flight. It messes up all your plans and you never quite recover from that even if you manage to salvage some part of the vacation. I was curious how come there was not a long queue of folks at the gate with all their questions.

I got the answer when the English version came up. Who would have guessed that “Al Cancello” in Italian means “At the gate”??

Learnt something!

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