25 June 2023

Airport means running into old friends

The flight is scheduled to take off from Terminal E. But I went to Terminal F to settle down in the bigger Skyclub there.

Moment I entered, I ran into Manu and his daughter! Turns out they are also headed to Edinburgh!! That is a real coincidence. We might not have met had they decided to go to the normal Skyclub that would make logical sense!

Manu reminded me of the time when I apparently had played with his daughter when she was very young in the billiard room of their housing complex community hall. I could not remember that. I am really getting old.

Looks like when taking the selfie, I manage to place the camera just in the right place for the shadow to make Manu look like the old pirates with an eye patch over his right eye!!

Posted June 25, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


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