11 June 2023

She made me go to the Dali museum!

I am not into art. I am not into fine art! I am not into anything “fine” in life.

But she dragged me (almost literally) to the Dali museum.

While I did not come out any wiser for the wear, I did learn some crazy facts…

1. Dali Salvatore was a rebel (well, at least now we are talking)

2. He split his time between America and Spain (this I had no idea about)

On that last point, I had no idea about the Abraham Lincoln painting he did. My picture does not do any justice. In reality, if you stand in front of the huge painting, the whole thing is a blur… you will only see the surrealist painter’s painting of the nude woman from the back surrounded by random colored blocks. One of those blocks has, what appears like, a pixellated picture of Abraham Lincoln.

And here is the crazy thing… if you see the picture from a distance… it suggests twenty meters on the writeup … or you can simply try to look at the picture from your iPhone camera… all those individual blocks meld together to produce a smooth picture of Lincoln … and the nude woman is just not visible… The telescopic effect is unbelievable.

I know I do not get art… but I do get visual effects. That was too cool !! To do that without computer effects… totally unreal….

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