10 June 2023

Because six beach vacations in as many months is never enough!

After coming back from DC on Thursday evening, Sharmila and I were relaxing with Jay Jay at Truck and Tap in downtown Alpharetta over some wine and live music. We were discussing what a great time we had in Roatan island with Raj and Viji this week. And in Abaco island with DJ and PJ a couple of weeks earlier.

“What are we doing tomorrow?”, she asked.
“We are going to be in the lake during the day. We can go somewhere in the evening after that,” I said.
“Ok. Also, I am not working on Monday and Tuesday. We can do something over the weekend.”

I think she was hoping I will look up some wineries or a day trip to some North Georgia mountain or do some hiking.

I thought for a few minutes. And then came back with what I thought was a killer idea.

“I have an idea.”

“What?” she asked.

“Let’s go to the beach! I feel like I have not seen a beach in some time.” I deadpanned.


I am a bit of a beach crazy person that way. Some sunshine, a beach, a beachside bar and the vast expanse of water to stare at – that is what cloud nine looks to me.

So, some more wine and a little arm twisting later… here we are… headed to Florida!!!

Hope to enjoy the waters and catch up with old friends I have there.

On an aside, these non stop beach vacationing during retirement is really exhausting. You folks might have to intervene and get me a job just so that I get some rest!!!

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