5 June 2023

My best friend in Roatan – Juan

The very first day in Roatan, I made friends with this local security gentleman – Juan. It helped that he spoke in perfect English – often using idioms that had me impressed.

Every day, we would chat for three to four times. From him I learnt a lot about the island, the mainland, the history, the geography and the culture. I got to know about the political system and the educational system. I was stunned to find that the small island of Roatan had 25 public schools and 15 private schools. But all universities in Honduras are apparently private and expensive.

We talked about life in the island, the economy and how people make both ends meet. Unsurprisingly, tourism is the life and blood of this place.

I got to know about his family and his elder daughter who has to live in the mainland with her grandmother since she has damaged kidneys and there are no medical facilities in the island to do her three-times-a-week dialysis.

My father, if he was alive, would have been thrilled to hear Juan’s points of views on education. Both hold/held the belief that education is the only way to freedom from generational financial hardships.

I am going to miss my friend from the island.

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