1 June 2023

What a coincidence!

After the sunset, I went to the bar to get myself a glass of wine. I asked the young lady at the beach bar what red wine she might have. I don’t think she trusted my Spanish. Instead of telling me anything, she brought out a bottle.

Normally, I would just say – Ok, go ahead! But this bottle caught my eye immediately.

I asked her – “From Chile?”
She seemed a bit surprised. She said “yes”
“Casablanca Valley?” I pressed on.
She picked up the bottle, read up the label and was even more surprised.

At this point, she must have thought that I knew my red wines well.

Well, truth is – this is one more of the crazy serendipities that I seem to be often hit with.

Back in 2011 November, we had gone to Chile to explore that country. Juan, my friend of many years and the guide for that trip, on our way from Santiago to Valparaiso had taken us to two wineries – Emiliana and Indomita. The daughters had enjoyed Emiliana since they had alpacas and birds there. I remember Indomita since they had given us an impressive tour of the place. And the view from there on to Ruta 68 below with grapevines all over is still marked indelibly in my mind.

Incredibly enough, it was a bottle of Indomita wine from that winery that the lady gave me – here in a small island off the coast of Honduras!!!

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