15 May 2023

That was a blast from the past!!

So, there we were – Jay Jay and I, having a philosophical debate over a glass of wine and a plate of Kibbles (to avoid doubt, I had the wine). The topic de jure was “Who is really whose best friend?” We were at the peak of the debate – what triumphs what – keeping the family safe or cleaning his poop – when I thought I saw a nattily dressed couple walking by. They had not noticed me. But I recognized them from my past.

So, I simply got up, walked up to them and asked “Who let you in here?”

A couple of seconds later, there were yells of “RAJIB???”

And that is how I ran into my two old colleagues from 15 years back – Patricia Rosenfeld and her husband Claudio Brenna.

I had not seen them for over 10 years. Other than the birthday calls, I do not think I have had any other contact with them. They are still working in the same company. It was so great to hear about their progression in life and how the old company has continued in its winning ways.

I did not realize that their son and Natasha actually live very close to each other in Brooklyn. I also did not realize that Patricia and Claudio had moved to Key Biscayne. We agreed to try out some boating when we visit them there.

That was a very nice evening… (and not just because I beat Jay Jay in the debate)

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