11 May 2023

An evening with Iqbal Bano

Iqbal Bano – the Malika-e-Ghazal – had the perfect voice for classical ghazals. Born in India, she married and moved to Pakistan. Sang some unforgettable numbers in her career.

Did you know April 21st is known as the Black Sari Day in Pakistan. Look up the reason – how she rebelled against the military rule that was curbing women’s freedom to dress as they willed and as a result was banned from any national programs by the (military) government.

This rendition is of a poem written by none other than Mirza Ghalib.

“Taskin ko hum na roen
Jo zauq-e-nazar miley,
Huraan-e-khuld mein teri
Surat magar miley.
Apni gali mein mujhko na kar
Dafan baad-e-qatal,
Mere pate se khalaq ko
Kyon tera ghar miley?”

Roughly translated…

I will not be crying for comfort
If I behold your approving eyes
Should I perceive your countenance
Among the virgins of paradise

Do not bury me in your own street
After you have slayed me (with your beauty)
Why guide others to your address
When they come looking for me?

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