9 May 2023

Why I need to spend more time with people younger and smarter than me

Had a good day out with Surya. We spent a lot of time on the lake and on the shores discussing maths, probability, philosophy, social media and geopolitics. Learned a few new concepts like constructionism and why cars have that extra rear brake light in the middle.

Love how smart the younger generation is always becoming. Being able to defend a point or two in the debates with the younger generation seems to be an worthwhile achievement to the much older myself.

This is the first time I met him. His dad – Debashis – and I went to high school together!! During a birthday call recently, I realized that his son is studying in Georgia Tech!!! Wish I had spent more time discussing and debating with Surya during his stint here in Atlanta.

Posted May 9, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Boating

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