9 May 2023

Ran into two young friends in downtown Alpharetta

Sharmila, Surya and I walked up to downtown Alpharetta and settled by the green. They grabbed some Indian food from Curry Up Now. I was walking to Chiringa to pick up a glass of wine when I thought a young lady sitting at a table outside was waving at my direction.

My instinctive reaction was to look behind me. And then I realized she meant to wave at me. It is then that I recognized that it was Puspita. She was sitting with her friend – Rupkatha – somebody I have talked with but never met.

That chance meeting gave me an opportunity to catch up on their young careers. Was thrilled to learn that Rupkatha is moving to DC (she will be in Federal Reserve Bank). I think Nikita will have a great time getting to know her.

For some reason, we talked about philately, numismatism, phillolumen and vexillology!

Puspita and Rupkatha, do you remember how we got started talking about those things?

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