8 May 2023

Beautiful Alpha Loop

This is the aspect of Atlanta I love the most. The greenery. Also the aspect of the old house I miss the most.

Jay Jay and I went out this morning to walk in the Alpha Loop. It had rained slightly thru the night and the trees were still dripping raindrops as some light breeze wafted thru. That rain drenched green color everywhere was breathtakingly mesmerizing. There were numerous birds chirping and trilling all around us. We stopped many times in the walk so that I could listen to the cacophony of all the bird tweets.

I was expecting many more people this morning in the Loop. I was wondering if there was more rain in the forecast that I might have missed. It eventually dawned upon me that it is a Monday today.

Ah! The bliss of not having to go to office in the morning!!!

Posted May 8, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Images

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