30 April 2023

Unique start to the day

Have you ever finished brushing your teeth and then realized that there is no water coming from the tap? Well, I woke up to that fact this morning!! It was too early to call the building management to figure out what was going on. Well, it was too early, but I did call and leave two voicemails.

We had enough water to make coffee, tea and all that. But toilet was the issue. Well, after about an hour of drinking coffee/tea, we laid out our plans.

The three of us grabbed three trashcans from the bathrooms and headed to the pool to get water to fill up the toilet tank. Midway thru my walk, I heard the downstairs folks yell that water had come back.

I started yelling myself. First to Sharmila and Dipanjan to not worry about filling from the pool. And then to Parijat who was taking pictures of us from the unit to check for water.

Finally, made friends with the folks downstairs. The lady has been coming to the island for the last 35 years. She lives in Wyoming for six months and here for six months.

When I asked her about the water, she nonchalantly said – “Oh! this happens in the island all the time!!”

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