15 April 2023

Rewind-Pause: When we were young and the kids were even younger

This was a quick get together we had in the Chinese restaurant in Taj Bengal. I think it was Eric’s first visit to India. Nearly 20 years back!

If I remember correctly, the folks who had showed up included Debatosh, Sharmistha, Kaushik, Arpita, Avijit, Rakhi, Aditi, Eric, Piyali and myself.

I am trying to see if I can recognize the kids – I think they are – from stereo left to right – Avijit’s son, Aditi’s daughter, Kaushik’s daughter, Debatosh’s son and Aditi’s son.

Does anybody remember what instigated Aditi to break into that Bharat Natyam pose?

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