8 April 2023

I have an open invitation to South Dakota now

Sitting right next to us on the beach was this elderly couple. The gentleman was explaining the rules of corn hole to his wife as she watched her first game of corn hole. It was being played by their son and grandson about twenty yards away.

After some time, the gentleman got up and walked towards the corn hole boards to give it a try himself. He turned out to be pretty good.

Turning towards the elderly lady, I raised my voice and said “He is giving your grandson a run for his money”. She must be one of the most friendly persons I have ever come across. In response to my statement, she got up from her lounge chair, came over to our table and started talking.

Found out Sheila Kranz is from South Dakota. She invited us over anytime to spend time with them there. (I made a mental note mapping “anytime” to mean “summer” once she told me how cold it got around her in winter).

Asking her the root of her last name got us down the memory lane of her grandfather and his house in Germany. (She is part German and part Irish).

We must have chatted for about some thirty minutes when we realized that we needed to head back to our dorm reunion lunch!

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