4 April 2023

My old trail is back!!

(so is my running speed – for one day at least)

After over 10 years of running in this trail – with a lot of history including snakes and paramedics – I had to finally stop since they shut down the trail. It was under construction for over a year and then Covid hit. Which meant all the supply chain problems.

While wishing Bill happy birthday the other day, I found out that the trail had opened up a couple of days before. Went back there today for a great run. The wooden planks are all new and felt so much better on the feet and knee.

Somewhat swept up by the moment of running again in this trail that I know so many details of, I posted a sub-30min 5K (3.11M in 29:30). I have not done this – in about 4 years or so.

Good to get back to the old trail.

Posted April 4, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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