18 March 2023

Rewind-Pause: Bangalore meeting from 20 years back

While I have not done office meetings in India for a long time, I can still visualize them the way they used to be. Invariably, there would be a water bottle at every chair and first order of the day would be the office help coming around and taking our tea/coffee orders!

Check out the size of the laptops. And the total mess of wires on the table. This was par for the course twenty years back. Wonder how meetings have changed these days in Bangalore.

Geoff has lost a lot of weight from those days. Dilip has lost all his hair on the head (he shaves his head like me now). Willie has not changed a bit. I have not seen Brandon in a long long time. And unfortunately, we lost Chandran way too early.

Geoff, Dilip, Willie, Brandon – do you remember this meeting?

Posted March 18, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Time Travel

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