16 March 2023

Sometimes, she surprises me

Last night as I was going to bed, I got this picture from Kallol Nandi who further added that he felt very proud of her. My instinctive reaction was that he meant to send it to somebody else. On second thoughts, I looked closely at the picture.

I was still not sure why I was looking at a magazine. Then I saw the boats in the cover picture. I realized that this might be Sharmila’s painting. The boats looked familiar in style. She paints a lot of boats which always gives me a sinking feeling because she would invariably ask me for suggestions for names. Apparently, “Boat – 1”, “Boat – 2” … is not very artistic.

I forwarded that picture to her asking if it was her painting. She is roaming around in London and Paris with Nikita. I am told that is what self-respecting artists do. (roam in London and Paris – not necessarily with Nikita).

Anyways, this morning I woke up to a confirmation from her. I am glad she did not berate me for missing her signature completely!

Thank you Kallol for pointing me to this.

Does anybody know how can I get a physical copy? (Atlanta Journal Constitution is still showing the Fall copy)


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