26 February 2023

I found out that we are related!

Following a tip from Bidisha from the previous day, I was able to put together the whole chain while having lunch with Sashwata. We lived within a stone’s throw (especially if have arms like you go to the gym everyday like all my Dallas Bengali friends these days seem to do) from each other for nine years but had never realized this before.

Now, to be fair, the relationship is fairly weak. It took four marriages to get us to be related!! One of those “fifteenth cousin, never-quite-successfully removed” kind of kinship.

As tortured as the description sounds – and it is tortured, you have my word that it is absolutely accurate to state that this gentleman is indeed….

“My wife’s father’s sister’s husband’s brother’s son’s daughter’s husband’s mother’s mother’s mother’s daughter’s daughter’s husband’s mother’s daughter’s daughter’s son” !!!

Waiter, one more drink here, please!!

Posted February 26, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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