25 February 2023

Does this happen to you too?

When I bought my first Honda, I suddenly started noticing all the Hondas on the road. It was like every other car was a Honda.

When I bought my first motorcycle, even Sharmila mentioned how we started noticing a lot more motorcycles on the road than we had ever seen.

Asked the nice lady who served drinks to Bidisha and me where she was from. What do you know? She said – El Salvador!! In fact a small village that I actually visited last week! And she is the second person from El Salvador I have met after coming back from there!!

I realize nothing has changed other than we pay more attention to familiar – that too recent unique – experiences. But it feels too coincidental.

If any of you visit The Ranch in Las Colinas (near Irving), say Hi to Jennifer Velasquez.

Posted February 25, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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