18 February 2023

I think some of the Rajib effect is rubbing off on Sharmila too!

You remember how serendipity hits me when I am expecting it the least during my travels as I run into people from my past? Seems like in a short 7 days’ trip to India, Sharmila got a taste of it too.

First she ran into our old friends – Sanjay and Anita from Dallas (now live in Phoenix) in a hotel. Then she ran into Joydeep (also from Dallas who now lives in Minneapolis) at the airline lounge. Finally, she ran into my friends from early childhood – Nirmalya and Rituparna – who now live in Houston – while waiting to board the flight back home!!!

Posted February 18, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Intersection Points


  1. By Tirtha Tanay Mandal on

    Must be some correlation with parameters like US holiday calendar dates, Indian holiday calendar dates, India-US airline schedule, India -US airline ticket rates, Weather/temperature, etc.


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