13 February 2023

Need… some… rest

The last 30 minutes have been incredibly tough for me. The trail simply lost itself and asked to stay close to the rocks with yellow markers. Gabriel was jumping on the rock juttings like a mountain goat. Forget my physical strength. My fear of heights took over. This meant, I had to stay out of the edge of the rocks and stay inside a bit. Which had a lot more pebbles. Which meant I had to be wary of slipping. It did not help that I did slip a couple of times. Plus, I could not look to my right. Acrophobia would freeze me immediately.

Every ten minutes, I stopped and sat down on a rock. Slowly, I would open my eyes and look down to acclimatize myself. And then after a few minutes, I would slowly stand up and stand still. (Quickly getting up would invariably give me the dizziness).

Gabriel, who I suspect realized that I was running on fumes, volunteered to take a picture of me.

Posted February 13, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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