13 February 2023

Just when I was feeling good about myself…

I saw this guy asking me “quieres un helado?”

Wait, am I seeing this right? There is a guy selling ice cream on the top of the lip of the crater. How did he get here so easily?

“Soy Rajib. Cual es tu nombre?” I put up a brave front.


For the rest of the conversation, I had to get my interlocutor Gabriel to help.

Turns out Carlos climbs up the volcano … every single day… with 100 ice creams on his shoulder. He charges $1.50 per ice cream.

That is his livelihood.

I could not get past the climbing up to the tallest peak in El Salvador everyday.

I gave him 3 bucks and told him that I do not eat ice cream. But he could offer free ice cream to two customers of his choice on this day.

And that I wanted a picture of him! To which he readily obliged!!

Posted February 13, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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