10 February 2023

Granddaughter – part deaux!!

My mother-in-law is the only living parent Sharmila and I have. We went from full count of four to merely one in literally two and a half years.

Kudos to Sharmila for taking the younger one – Nikita – to visit her grandmother and her great-grandmother last year. She took up the cudgels on behalf of generational bonding one more time and is now taking the elder one – Natasha – to meet her only surviving grandparent.

Being a person who went to see his parents every single quarter for over 13 years (we are talking 33 hours one way here), I cannot but feel proud that human beings are getting together with human beings that mean something to them.

More power to the Ghose family!! I hope my father in law is watching from the Heavens. Of all the four parents, he is the one who I bonded with the most!!!

Watching my mother in law graduate from getting mortified by the iPad changing its orientation as she turned it to sending me pictures of roses on my birthday has been nothing short of a marvel.

For such a person, I have to believe, nothing can bring more pride than watching their progeny flourish. I cannot wait to see some pictures of Natasha and my mother in law together.

To up and above!! (Sharmila and Natasha are wheels up as we speak)

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