4 January 2023

“Can I tell you something?”

After our successful trip to Sapodilla Bay, we had become very hungry. Found that the only one Indian restaurant in Provo was literally a kilometer away from us while we were driving. It is called SJ Curry Club. Not sure why, some of the best Indian restaurants I have found are in the Caribbean! Remember Indian Summer in Nevis?

The food was incredibly good. It is difficult to differentiate yourself on yellow dal but SJ absolutely nailed it. Sharmila thinks it was the lemon zest that gave it the uniqueness.

Got to know the owner and his wife. But the highlight was getting to know their two daughters. When we entered, the two kids – Neha and Sudha – were sitting in a corner table playing games. After I tried some of my long lost Tamil on them, they were at our table.

Specially, the younger one – Sudha. The entire time I had my lunch, she kept me entertained with one story after the other.

They invariably started with “Can I tell you something? It is a secret!”

Again, as I have always maintained, the best part of vacations for me are the natural sights and the local people. Never been into long dead people… the living ones energize me so much!

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