18 December 2022

This has to be some kind of a record for me

Riding in 41 degrees with wind at 10 mph making it feel like 36 degrees on the skin. Good news is no part of my skin was directly exposed. I had enough layers all over. Except the gloves. I had only two layers of protection. I need to find a good solution quickly.

The fingers nails hurt the most. I could feel the stinging pain of the nails starting to get real cold. Briefly thought of pulling over and hugging the tailpipes. Finally made it to my coffee spot. After about ten minutes, I got my senses back in the finger tips to type this out.

Sipping an extra hot capuccino, I am now getting mentally prepared for the return journey. Visages of me inconsolably singing “Let it be” from inside my helmet are floating thru my mind right now…

Posted December 18, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Motorbiking

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