1 November 2022

Springing a birthday surprise!

This was one of those really intense weeks. Both personally and professionally. Technically, I think it is called “week from hell”.

On Tuesday, I finally finished up my stuff at office at around 6. Only because nobody else was there. And I had another 6-8 hours of work left. The idea was to go to the hotel, sit at a corner with a glass of wine and pound thru the work.

Except, I suddenly had a brainwave. It was Ranajoy’s birthday. He lived not too far from my office in Chicago. We go back to elementary school days in Durgapur in India. And while wishing him a happy birthday, I had found out he had plans to go to Maggiano’s for dinner!!

I knew that restaurant. Made a beeline for it just to spend 10-15 minutes with him and his wife, Madhumita. You should have seen the surprise on his face!!

The last time I saw them was seven and a half years back when Natasha and I were in the city.

It was so good to see them. But next time, I will keep more time so I can at least have a drink with them.

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