23 October 2022

I have not seen these three under the same roof in a long time

It used to be the case that every time I visited my parents, the whole family would get together at their place. These three kids and I used to get a lot of quality time together. And by “quality time”, I mean completely nonsensical discussions, giggling at the stupidest things and always pulling the elder nephew’s legs. (He is the goody goody, conscientious one of them all).

Then my parents passed away.

And two of these three went away to college.

After a long time they were together this week for Diwali and “bhaiphnota” under the same roof.

We had a long video call to celebrate the olden times. “Kintu ototao noy” (this is an insider joke).

And of course, there was good ribbing of the elder nephew to be had!!

Posted October 23, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Family in India

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