11 October 2022

One more interruption on our return journey

As you can see, this looks neither like Doha airport nor like Atlanta. That is because we have landed in Budapest!!

Medical situation in flight with an elderly (75 years) gentleman. Unfortunately, he is very sick and is traveling with his wife only. Neither understand English (only Kannada).

Chatting with the staff, I understood that the procedure in these cases where a decision has been made to divert a plane for medical reasons is to offload the patient after initial paramedic attention and the passenger is NOT allowed to board back the same flight.

I hope he quickly recovers and the elderly couple do not have too many difficulties with language in getting local help.

Meanwhile, saw Budapest for the first time. Sharmila had mentioned this once before – saw it for the first time today – that it is really two cities – Buda and Pest on either side of the Danube.

On that note, I think this is the first time I am seeing the Danube River.

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