10 October 2022

The best part of Jordan!!

Without a shred of doubt, the best part of Jordan was to get to know Brother Mahmoud’s family. Our first dinner in Jordan was with the al-Ramamneh family at their place last Sunday. And our last dinner in Jordan was last night outside with them again.

The younger son Suhaib is the most fluent in English. So, I tended to talk to him more. For a kid that just entered his twenties, he clearly has a very intelligent head on his shoulders. Very independent minded and very caring. He would call on his dad morning and evening to make sure everything was okay for the whole trip that Mahmoud was out of home in South Jordan with us. He has some fascinating ideas in his head and has an uncommon balance in opinions. I sure hope to have more discussions with him.

The elder son Thair is a little more reserved. At the first dinner, he did not talk much by himself. But in the second dinner he was very open. We talked about his work and aspirations in life in general. He came across as the strong and silent types. Next time, we hope to meet his Turkish girlfriend Noor too.

Then there is Amal. She takes hospitality to a whole new level. If I admired a piece of art in her house, she would bring it down and offer it as a gift! She even opened her bangles from her arm and insisted that Sharmila accept them as gifts since they matched the earrings Sharmila was wearing! On the first night, she was a little busy with hosting duties. But yesterday, we were outside. So, we talked about her family and brothers and sisters a lot. She used to be a teacher and a principal in a school. (now retired). Wonderful woman.

And finally, there is my Brother Mahmoud. We bonded from the first drive from Amman airport to the Dead Sea early May this year. It has been a relationship that has only strengthened with every day. Throughout this trip, we got to know about him and his background more and more. He lost his dad a few years back. He was 110 years old when he died!!!

Mahmoud is a great dad too. He is always careful about the example he sets in front of his family. As en example, he would not drink (like beer) in front of his sons. Here is the funny part – Suhaib and Thair told me how much their dad likes beer!!! Still he won’t drink in front of them!!!

The beauty of Jordan is enough to make us come back again. But what makes it mandatory is getting to see this beautiful family again.

There was talk of visiting Lebanon and Syria together (by road from Jordan)! Inshallah!!

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