6 October 2022

There goes my hero!!

Standing near the Lawrence of Arabia place, straining my eyes way out into the desert, I thought I saw something moving. At first I assumed, it was somebody on a camel. But the image was too thin for that. Then, it appeared that whoever it was, seemed to be running.

I asked Sharmila and Mahmoud – “Do you think, he is running this way?”

In the top picture, you can see the small image in the middle of the picture.

As I trained my zoom camera lens on the person, it became evident that it was a runner. In fact, he took a right turn around the mountain and I got a clean shot of him running.

That was awe inspiring. Running in that heat, in the middle of the desert on a hard to run surface like sand. And look at the perfect gait with the ankles thrown up high (unlike me).

Just as I was getting inspired, Sharmila put cold water on me… “Don’t get any ideas!!”

I was hoping that our four wheeler will cross path with him again. I wanted to ask him why was he running in the middle of the desert. Also, if he had any prior experience in ignoring his wife’s advice!

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