6 October 2022

Sumptuous dinner in the desert

What a luxury in life!! Our local driver’s (Awad) wife had cooked chicken for us which Awad and his cousin heated up in the fire they lit. And we sat around and made a meal out of it. I asked Awad’s cousin why he was not joining us. Seems like he had gone to school and then come back home early (Thursdays are early school off days), finished his lunch and then met us at that spot to help heat up lunch and make chai.

“How old are you?”, I asked him.

“Sixteen”, he replied thru my translator friend Mahmud.

He lives in the desert, studies and then helps the family with earning income.

Had to reflect on how easy I had it growing up, let alone my own kids. (all our parents wanted was that we kept studying)

Posted October 6, 2022 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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